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The story of the 1919 Tour De France

Les Ètapes
The Prologue
The 3 ‘R’s – Runners, Riders and Rules
Squeezing Germany so hard the pips squeak
Stage 1: Grand Départ – ‘Allons Y’               (Paris–Le Havre)
Stage 1: Not so Quiet on the Western Front        (Paris–Le Havre)
Stage 2: Normandy Beaches           (Le Havre-Cherbourg)
Stage 3: You’re all Carthorses!                       (Cherbourg–Brest)
Stage 4: Convicts of the Road                   (Brest–Sables d’Olonne)
Stage 5: To Infinity and Beyond          (Sables d’Olonne–Bayonne)
Stage 6: Climb Every Mountain                         (Bayonne–Luchon)
Stage 7: Ford Every Stream                 (Luchon–Perpignan)
Stage 8: Guilty or not Guilty?             (Perpignan–Marseille)
Stage 9: The Riviera Incident                           (Marseille–Nice)
Stage 10: Victory on Napoleon Street                  (Nice–Grenoble)
Stage 11: ‘Cri-Cri’ the Canary                           (Grenoble-Geneva)
Stage 12: The Return of the Lost Sisters        (Geneva–Strasbourg)
Stage 13: A Call of Nature                          (Strasbourg–Metz)
Stage 14: The Hunger Stage                              (Metz–Dunkirk)
Stage 15: Party in the Parc                                     (Dunkirk–Paris)

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