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***** An enthralling story of the first years of the FA Cup!

I came across two guys selling this book at the 1st round of the FA Cup between Portsmouth and Harrow Borough FC. One of them turned out to be the author, and collectively the two gave me a compelling reason to buy the book.

I am glad that they did because I read the whole book in less than week. (This will sound bitter sweet to the writer who clearly spent much longer than that researching the subject!). I thought it was very interesting and a bit sad that so much many of the clubs that made such a telling contribution to the sport were ultimately swept to one side by professionalism. This book at least records their efforts to start the game that's so popular today.

I would thoroughly recommend the book to anyone interested in the historical aspects of the FA Cup. There are so many untold stories of the earlier years and this is a great addition to the genre.

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